1968-82 Arrow SWITCHES, RELAYS & RELATED - NOS, RESTORED & NEW Arrow Switches, Relays, Solenoids & Related

Switches, Relays, Solenoids & Related


1968-76 Dimmer Switch Diagram Thumbnail
1968-76 Dimmer Switch
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4-Speed Neutral Safety and Backup Lamp Switch Diagram Thumbnail
4-Speed Neutral Safety and Backup Lamp Switch
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Brake Light Switch Diagram Thumbnail
Brake Light Switch
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Clutch Pedal and Related Diagram Thumbnail
Clutch Pedal and Related
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Door Jamb Switches Diagram Thumbnail
Door Jamb Switches
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Hood Ajar Warning Switch Diagram Thumbnail
Hood Ajar Warning Switch
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Neutral Safety Switch Diagram Thumbnail
Neutral Safety Switch
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Parking Brake Light Switch Diagram Thumbnail
Parking Brake Light Switch
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Switches Diagram Thumbnail
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Wiper Washer Control Diagram Thumbnail
Wiper Washer Control
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C2670C267078-82ACTUATOR - power door lock, (2 req.)(ea)53.15 
B8627B862768-73BRACKET - back-up light switch, all w/4 speed9.95 
C2661C266170-72BUMPER SET - door jamb, door ajar warning switch6.40 
B7154B715468-69CAPACITOR - turn signal29.25 
C4930C493068-82CHECK VALVE - vacuum, headlight reservoir18.45 
 C607878-82CIRCUIT BOARD - interior/courtesy light delay timer33.95 
B2696B269668-74CIRCUIT BREAKER - power windows26.50 
C2580C258075-78CIRCUIT BREAKER - power windows18.00 
C2581C258179-82CIRCUIT BREAKER - power windows19.50 
C1667C166768-82CLIP - backup light switch rod1.50 
C8685C868568-80CLIP - turn signal flasher6.95 
 C869468-82CONTROL ASSEMBLY - heater, on console, w/ or w/o AC, restoration199.95 
C3792C379270DE-ACCELERATOR VALVE - Rochester Q-Jet carburetors: 7040203 / 7040205 / 7040207 / 7040213 / 7040503 / 7040504 / 7040505 reconditioned original124.95 
 B864868-82FLASHER - 4 way, Signal Stat #175 repl.19.95 
 A868168FLASHER - turn signal, 3 lamp5.25 
 A867969-82FLASHER - turn signal, 2 lamp7.95 
C0045C004570-74HARNESS - TCS jumper wire15.55 
B8640B864068-71HORN RELAY - w/correct DELCO script on lid w/o part number67.95 
C9661C966168-72KNOB - wiper over ride switch18.95 
C2177C217768-71,77KNOB & ROD - headlight switch18.10 
C2116C211672-76KNOB & ROD - headlight switch20.85 
C6190C619068-70ELOCK & KEY - theft alarm, mounted in rear tail light panel32.95 
C2130C213068-82NUT - headlight switch10.95 
A1014A101468-82NUT SET - brake light switch, (pr)2.50 
 A868068-76PLUG/CONNECTOR & TERMINAL KIT - dimmer switch4.00 
 A862168-76PLUG & HARNESS - dimmer switch5.95 
B4910B491068-82PLUG/CONNECTOR & WIRE - power window switch18.00 
C3605C360582RELAY - air cleaner door & fuel pump32.00 
C9778C977877-80RELAY - anti theft, mounts under shifter console48.95 
C0240C024081-82RELAY - anti theft GM# 161642224.95 
C6055C605578-82RELAY CONTROL - courtesy lamp timer relay89.95 
B0221B022168RELAY - heater/AC blower16.95 
C0235C023569-76RELAY - heater/AC blower19.30 
C0236C023677-79RELAY - heater/AC blower cut out27.60 
 C023779-82RELAY - heater/AC blower, 79-82 AC hi blower cut out, 80-81 heater & AC blower motor cut out7.90 
C8650C865068-71RELAY - horn / 3 slide on terminals on botton w/ 2 screw on side terminals, replacement39.95 
C8622C862272-73RELAY - horn56.75 
C8688C868879-82RELAY - horn14.95 
C2690C269068-78RELAY - power windows24.95 
C8580C858078RELAY - rear window defogger  CALL
C8667C866779RELAY - rear window defogger, original/tested  CALL
C8581C858180ERELAY - rear window defogger49.95 
C4918C491868-72RELAY - wiper door/headlight actuator solenoid valve on inner fender72.25 
C7963C796370-82RETAINER - horn contact snap ring, w/insulator, amber plastic12.05 
C8652C865268-74ROD W/CLIPS - back-up lamp switch, 3 pc9.00 
B3002B300268-75SCREW - horn relay mount1.00 
B8894B889468-78SCREW SET - back-up light switch mounting, 4 pc.1.65 
A8678A867868-76SCREW SET - dimmer switch, (2 pc.)2.60 
C8615C861568-71SENDING UNIT - water temperature22.95 
C8625C862572-78SENDING UNIT - water temperature22.95 
C8669C866979-80SENDING UNIT - water temperature, in block, (1 blade)30.60 
C8680C868081-82SENDING UNIT - water temperature19.35 
C3121C312180-81SENSOR - oxygen, EGO50.10 
C3122C312282SENSOR - oxygen, EGO50.10 
B8636B863668-74SHIELD - back-up light switch, w/4 speed9.00 
C3735C373573-75SOLENOID - hood air intake door44.95 
 C376071-72SOLENOID - idle control, left side of carburetor, replacement39.60 
C3761C376173-74SOLENOID - idle control, left side of carburetor, replacement  CALL
 C375975-76SOLENOID - idle control, left side of carburetor, replacement  CALL
C3750C375070SOLENOID/SPARK CONTROL - all w/350, GM #111443299.95 
C3770C377070SOLENOID/SPARK CONTROL - w/454, GM #1114434, restored139.95 
C3781C378172SOLENOID / SPARK CONTROL - w/454 GM #1114453, right side of carb199.95 
C3752C375273-74SOLENOID/SPARK CONTROL - all w/350, w/manual transmission, GM #199741085.00 
 C378273-74SOLENOID - spark control, w/454 manual trans., GM #1997411 / RESTORED OR NOS  CALL
 C378474SOLENOID - spark control, 350 L-48, GM #199742585.00 
B5150B515068-71STUD PLATE - horn relay fastener6.75 
 C869181-82SWITCH & HARNESS - power seat129.35 
 C156368-76SWITCH W/LIGHT SOCKET & CONNECTOR - rear compartment18.95 
 C877777-82SWITCH & LIGHT KIT - glove box w/terminal & bulb10.75 
C8651C865175-77ESWITCH - alarm, anti theft23.95 
 C867677L-78SWITCH - alarm on/off w/harness, drivers door33.50 
 C867779-80SWITCH - alarm on/off w/harness, drivers door33.50 
 C864981-82SWITCH - alarm on/off w/harness, drivers door, LH33.50 
 C865581-82SWITCH - alarm on/off w/harness, passenger door, RH33.50 
C8711C871170-77SWITCH - automatic transmission control (down shift)36.60 
C8638C863868-78SWITCH - back up light, w/4 speed trans, (except 78 w/L48 w/4 spd)69.95 
 C864178SWITCH - back-up light, w/4 speed, L48, w/Borg Warner trans.21.95 
C8673C867379SWITCH - back-up light, w/manual transmission, "T" shape wire connector69.95 
C8674C867480-81SWITCH - back-up light, w/manual transmission79.95 
C8675C867568SWITCH - brake light, w/lever64.25 
A8626A862669-82SWITCH - brake light, all 68-76, 77-81 w/4 speed9.25 
C1183C118377-82SWITCH - brake light, 77-80 w/cruise control, 81-82 w/auto cruise13.75 
C1184C118480-82SWITCH - brake light, automatic except w/cruise control11.95 
C5119C511969-76SWITCH - climate control/rotary style, 9 port22.95 
C8658C865874-82SWITCH - door ajar warning, rear door jamb15.95 
C8610C861068-74SWITCH - door jamb, courtesy lamp/key warning9.35 
C8654C865468-74SWITCH - 68/72 door jamb, ajar warning, hood alarm warning 69/7410.45 
C8662C866275-77SWITCH - door jamb, RH front8.95 
C8660C866075-82SWITCH - door jamb, 75-77 LH, 78-82 RH10.95 
C8621C862178-82SWITCH - door jamb, 78 RH, 79-82 LH19.95 
C8612C861268-77SWITCH - headlight, on dash44.95 
C8614C861478-82SWITCH - headlight44.95 
B8604B860468-76SWITCH - headlight dimmer10.40 
C8686C868677-78SWITCH - headlight dimmer34.50 
C8687C868779-82SWITCH - headlight dimmer29.50 
C8651C865169-77SWITCH - headlight door opening warning23.95 
C8668C866878-82SWITCH - heater control vacuum actuator [installs on back of heater control]19.95 
C0232C023268-69SWITCH - heater, all w/AC, blower low speed, push button, type 2 Terminal mounts under dash on heater AC plenum, NOS GM #387028649.95 
C8644C864468-76SWITCH - heater, w/o AC29.00 
C8646C864668-76SWITCH - heater, w/AC24.50 
C5114C511477-82SWITCH - heater & AC blower control15.95 
C8690C869068SWITCH - ignition39.95 
C8604C860469-82SWITCH - ignition, w/T & T wheel16.95 
C8606C860669-79SWITCH - ignition, w/o T & T wheel13.35 
C8672C867269-81SWITCH - neutral safety, w/4 speed, mounts on clutch pedal77.60 
C8616C861668SWITCH - neutral safety & back-up lamp, automatic trans.69.95 
C8617C861769-72SWITCH - neutral safety & back-up lamp, automatic trans., 69-71 all, 72 w/o seat belt buzzer72.95 
C8671C867172-73SWITCH - neutral safety & back-up lamp, automatic trans. 72 w/seat belt warning buzzer, 73 all52.50 
C8619C861974-75SWITCH - neutral safety & back-up lamp, automatic trans.74.95 
C8620C862076-82SWITCH - neutral safety & back-up lamp, automatic trans.69.95 
C8678C867873-81SWITCH - oil pressure sender41.45 
 C867981-82SWITCH - oil temperature sender82.00 
B8628B862868-82SWITCH - parking brake warning light25.95 
C8693C869378-82SWITCH - power door lock39.95 
C8648C864868-82SWITCH - power window19.40 
C8681C868178-80ESWITCH - rear window defogger59.95 
 C035578SWITCH - T TOP alarm. LH21.55 
 C035478SWITCH - T TOP alarm. RH21.55 
C0343C034379-82SWITCH - T TOP alarm, LH20.70 
 C035279-82SWITCH - T TOP alarm, RH20.70 
 C225779-80SWITCH - temperature, engine cooling fan15.25 
C8633C863371-73SWITCH - thermal, in RH head19.95 
 C862670-77SWITCH - transmission control, auto trans., downshift24.75 
C8628C862870-71SWITCH - transmission spark control, 4 speed, TCS  CALL
C8629C862972-73SWITCH - transmission spark control, auto trans.28.00 
B7954B795468SWITCH - turn signal, w/harness79.95 
C7930C793069-76SWITCH - turn signal, w/harness, w/T & T wheel69.95 
C7928C792869-79SWITCH - turn signal, w/harness, 1969-76 w/o T & T wheel46.65 
C7928C792877-79ESWITCH - turn signal, w/harness, w/tilt & teli 46.65 
C8684C868479L-82SWITCH - turn signal, w/harness, w/T & T wheel36.95 
C3038C303877-81SWITCH - vacuum release on brake pedal to cancel cruise control17.85 
C3039C303982SWITCH - vacuum release on brake pedal to cancel cruise control19.85 
C8632C863268-76SWITCH - windshield wiper, on center dash31.95 
 C243077SWITCH - windshield wiper, w/o T&T, NOS  CALL
C9621C962168-72SWITCH - wiper door limiting, on firewall, micro type, (w/o harness)35.95 
C8642C864268-72SWITCH - wiper vacuum on firewall, (valve)24.95 
C8640C864070-72SWITCH - windshield wiper override36.95 
C8689C868978-79SWITCH - windshield wiper, w/pulse98.95 
C8636C863680-82SWITCH - windshield wiper, w/pulse98.95 
C9590C959075-82SWITCH & TERMINAL BOARD - wiper motor48.45 
C5265C526577-82SWITCH KIT - under hood lamp, on/off23.75 
C4932C493268-82SWITCH/OVER RIDE VALVE - light vacuum door opening, under dash20.95 
C6076C607678-82TIMER - courtesy lights84.95